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(DZ-BT04) Cardfight!! Vanguard: Destined Showdown Booster Box (Pre-Order)

(DZ-BT04) Cardfight!! Vanguard: Destined Showdown Booster Box (Pre-Order)

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Release Date October 25th, 2024
Featured Nations Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia, Lyrical Monasterio
Card Types 119 types of cards
+ Parallels
Others 1 pack contains 7 random cards
1 display contains 16 packs
Each pack is guaranteed to include 2 foiled cards!

Featuring cards that appear in the TV animation
“CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD Divinez Season 2”, broadcasting from July 2024!
“Destined Showdown” includes 5 Destined One units,
and like the Fated Ones, they each have their own unique “Divine Skill”!

An all-new character, “Kuon Aikawa”, takes to the field as the owner of the Destined One of Infinity!
Like the Fated Ones, the Destined Ones also have a powerful “Divine Skill” that can only be used once per fight!
How you use their “Divine Skill” will determine the outcome of your cardfights!
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